Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Sweet William Market

Yesterday, I participated in the Sweet William Market here in Denver. It was celebrating Etsy day so most were etsy sellers. I shared a tent with my good friend, Sharelle, who makes the most awesome art coats and clay pendants, Sister Girls. It was a beautiful, perfect day - sunshine in the morning and a little cooler in the afternoon with a few drops felt.

There were some amazing artisans and collectors which I'll mention a few: Kristen from pearl, Franki from Out of My Hands at - amazing jewelry, Francis from Studio Yoshida at - awesome upcycled designed clothes, Sugar Plum Fairy Bowtique at - sweet children's accessories, Trees3 at - lovely appliqued pillows and clothes.

It was my first show. I got some very good advice from my friend Sharelle. I need to focus on my strongest point - jewelry. So I'm going to do that - start with earrings, next week - earring and necklace sets, week after that - pins and brooches, next - bracelets, then hairsticks. I have been all over the place which has been overwhelming and unsettling to me. And when I feel pretty good there, then I can add my art, dolls with vintage fabric, tote bags and more. I have so many ideas and can hardly wait to create! I know my next show is going to be more successful.